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Commercial Copier Prices: 2021 Office Copy Machine Costs

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Although most office environments use digital storage whenever possible, there’s still a place for physical records or handwritten notes. Therefore, it makes sense to use a commercial copy machine suited for a business environment. 

An average medium-volume office copier machine retails for around $1,550. In comparison, an average highvolume commercial copier machine ranges from $15,000 to $40,000.  All the figures shown here come from various online resources. Therefore, prices might vary depending on circumstances, including whether a manufacturer or supplier has a special offer. Also, photocopier prices vary widely depending on printing speed, quality, and other features, which we’ll talk about later.  

If you want to have a new copier in your office, the most cost-effective way is to lease or rent. But, many companies choose to buy as well. Furthermore, if you have a busy office, which uses a copier or printer for most of the day, you don’t want to be left high-and-dry when the machine breaks down. Call-out technicians with maintenance contracts are one of the main benefits of leasing a copier machine for business. But, of course, the best office copier is the most cost-effective one. So, it’s up to you to decide based on necessity and price. 

How Much Do Office Photocopiers Cost? 

Below is a pricing guide on how much office copier machines cost for purchase, and lease arrangements. 

Buying a Commercial Photocopier Machine: The basics 

Low volume 

Usually, a basic, low-volume machine is also the cheapest copy machine. However, basic doesn’t mean poor quality. Generally, it means a satisfactory device that prints and copies (not necessarily very fast) but doesn’t have a fax, stapler, or other features that often aren’t necessary. Many printers fall under this category at very reasonable prices. Moreover, you can buy basic, good quality, branded machines from such names as Epson or Canon for prices in the region of $100 to $150. Both these companies also produce all-in-one printers, which provide a scanner, printer, and photocopier, all rolled into one. This peripheral prints in black & white or color at speeds of around 20ppm. They also use a wireless connection and are perfect as a small office copier machine at an affordable price.  

Alternatively, you might even find small basic printers for as little as $60 from your local supermarket if you look around. However, if you want a good lowvolume copier, stay with the branded names. The average price for an Epson is between $150 and $350, while for a Canon, you can pay between $200 and $600. However, you might find cheaper and more expensive ones too. 

Medium volume  

Medium volume copiers are more expensive than a basic machine. But, if your company wants a professional photocopier and printer, and can afford it, you can’t go wrong. If you’re going to choose from a good range of products, look at some of Kyocera’s copiers. This company has multifunctional all-in-ones able to print in black or color. Specifically, the TASKalfa 4052ci is a highend color printer that can take A3 format or B-Size (11” x 17”) and other smaller paper sizes. Generally, it prints 40ppm in Letter Size up to a typical volume of 50,000 copies/month. They sell for around $5,500.  

In contrast, the ECOSYS M2040dn (also with a duty cycle of up to 50,000 pages/month) is a 40ppm black and white laser printer and costs around $500. 

High volume 

Highend copiers are the best available, but the cost is high too. If you can think of something that you want a printer/copier to have, then one of these will have it.  

These machines have all the features available in cheaper models, such as printing, copying, scanning, faxing, emailing, WiFi connection, and flash drive compatibility. Furthermore, you’ll also get superfast printing, from 50 upwards, great security, stapling, collating, and more. 

The HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556dn prints at 50ppm with an 80,000 pages/month duty and costs $900. In contrast,  HP PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 780dns, costing $6,700 prints up to 65ppm with a maximum duty cycle of 100,000 pages/month.  

Used machines 

Don’t dismiss used machines. If you choose a used copier, you can save plenty on the refurbished cost of copy machines. Each used model’s price depends on the brand’s or model’s popularity, the number of features, and its condition. But generally, you can save 35% on high-end copiers and pay in the region of $2,000 for a $5,700 copier or $30,000 for an $85,700 heavyduty copier. It depends on what you require and what’s available. 

Business Copier Leasing Cost 

If you want an office copy machine without the problem of paying out large up-front sums, you won’t find a better deal than to lease one. Copierleases generally last from 1 to 5 years, with your office paying the same monthly payments during the entire term of the lease.  

In general, the monthly payment depends on the type of model you want to lease. Costs can range from $60 to $900/month. 

But what happens at the end of the lease term? This is one of the big bonuses of leasing a copier. You have three choices: 

  • Return the copier. 
  • Purchase it at a reduced rate. 
  • Trade it in for a newer model with more up-to-date technology. 

But, is it better to lease or buy?  

The answer depends on how you intend to use it. If your office has a high printing or copying demand, you should choose a high-end laser printer and copier. These take up a lot of floor space and deal with high print volumes. Unfortunately, they also cost at least $10,000. Even for a mediumsized business, this is a large chunk of your office budget to spend all in one go. And this amount doesn’t include the inevitable maintenance costs as well as replacement toner and paper. 

So in a situation like this, its more cost-effective for your company to choose a lease contract. In the long term, you end up paying slightly more. But, you pay a set affordable amount each month, have a technician on call to maintain the machine, and have the option to upgrade at the end of the term. However, it’s common on lease machines to have a monthly cap on print copies. If you go over the cap, you will probably pay a premium penalty.  

Weve talked about low, medium, and highvolume copiers. But what exactly do those labels mean? 

Low Volume Copiers 

A lowvolume is suitable for a small business or start-up that only needs a few copies per day. On average,  the printing speed is around 20ppm, and prices range from about $150 to $1,000, depending on the features. 

Let’s have a look at a couple of examples of lowvolume copiers: 

Canon Pixma TS3320 

This is a copier, scanner, and printer all-in-one’ machine measuring 455mm x 369mm x 148mm. Print speeds peak at 19ppm. And you can scan from mobile devices and print from the cloud. Furthermore, you can voice control via Amazon Alexa. New models sell for around $150. 

Brother DCP-L2530DW Mono Laser Printer – All-in-One 

This is a copier, scanner, and black & white printer with a printing speed of 36ppm. It has an inbuilt scanner and connects via WiFi. You can also print from the cloud. The price is around $175. 

Medium Volume Copiers 

Mediumvolume copiers are useful in a mediumsized business or one thats growing fast. The office needs frequent copies, so it prints at 40ppm. The machines are larger than lowvolume copiers and have more features. Copiers typically range in price from $2,000 to $5,000. 

A couple of examples of mediumvolume include the following copiers: 

Canon iR3245N 

This is a multifunction black & white machine that can copy and print at 45ppm. It has an automatic document feed and electronic sorting. It also has additional features such as a fax and a stapler. 

Konica Minolta Ineo+ 368 

This model is a multifunction color copier and prints at 36ppm in black & white or color. Its main features include printing from the cloud or a mobile device. 

High Volume Copiers 

These are usually large copy machines and are aimed at large businesses with high printing requirements. Usually, print speeds are over 100ppm, although some might be slightly below. The highvolume models are largely automated with certain features and can cost between $5,000 and $20,000, sometimes much more. 

A couple of examples of mediumvolume include the following copiers: 

Sharp MX-4050N 

This is a multifunctional business copy machine printing in back & white or color. Its print speed is around 40ppm. And, it’s large enough to print onto A3-sized paper. 

Cost varies around $22,500. 

Xerox WorkCentre 5865i 

This machine is a multifunctional black & white only printer/copier. It prints at 65ppm and can hold a maximum of 4,700 paper sheets. 

A typical price is around $21,000. 

Office Copier Pricing Factors 

When comparing copiers and searching for an acceptable multifunctional printer and copier price, it’s a good idea to consider all the different variables. Below, we’ve outlined the largest considerations when looking to buy a commercial copier machine. 


The volume of a copier indicates the different features available in the machine. Small tabletop copiers tend to be low-end, low-volume machines. In contrast, large, free-standing industrial copiers can hold large stacks of paper and contain features such as collators and staplers.  

Buying vs. Leasing 

Whether to buy or lease depends on which machine your company needs and which one it can afford. You could buy one for $100 or so, or in the thousands of dollars. But, while one copier might be affordable singly, what happens if your business needs five or six or even more. That level of expenditure might not be acceptable, especially when you think about the maintenance costs as well. So, leasing copier/printers might make more financial sense in the long run.  

Leasing allows your company to afford highquality models. You can keep abreast of the latest printer technology by upgrading if necessary. And avoid large expenditure. You’ll also have the machine’s maintenance covered as part of the lease agreement. That will be a weight off your shoulders if you have a busy office.  

Office Space 

Do you have the physical room in the office for the specific copier you’ve chosen? If not, can you make do with a smaller machine? If you have a busy office, can you accommodate multiple copiers/printers? 

Number of Employees 

How many employees do you expect to use the copier? If you only have one machine, will people be in a queue waiting to use it? If that’s the case, then consider buying more than one. Remember, you don’t need them all the same size. You could have one general-purpose high-end machine plus a few desktop-sized low-end printers for individuals to use. 

Best Commercial Copier Brands 

Here is a list of some of the largest business photocopier manufacturers. 


This Japanese company has a world-renowned name. Their brand has a very high reputation when considering printing and copying, and it covers more low-volume products. Thus, catering to more small and medium-sized businesses. 


This company is very popular both as a producer of business quality machines and as a copier/printer for personal use. Most people have heard of them, and they’re high up on the approved manufacturers’ list. They have a large range of printers for almost every application, so they should have a machine suitable for your business. 

Konica Minolta 

This manufacturer has a good reputation in all kinds of copying technology. It has a history of, and is well known for its camera technology. It now has a good reputation for copying and printing. 


You might not have heard very much about this company. But, they are one of the United Kingdom’s top printer manufacturers. They haven’t been around for as long as some other brands. But, their sales figures prove their expertise and product quality. Even Ricoh’s smaller printer models come with many useful features, usually only found on higher volume and more expensive machines. 


This is an American company that specializes in color printing. Their name is probably the most globally well-known name in copying technology, having been there almost from the start. If you need the best in color printing technology, Xerox is a very good place to start your search. 

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