About us

Welcome to ApprovedCosts.com – our main aims are twofold:

  1. Help decision-makers & business owners make more informed decisions when it comes to purchases. Whether you are looking to rent a bulldozer or sign a contract for payroll software. We have it covered, from Software, heavy equipment rental to business services broadly. We have a guide on all B2B prices so you can get a better deal and save big.
  2. Inform readers on the latest pricing. We work with independent experts in their respective fields to come to pricing figures, quotations and estimates. Of course, not all estimates are perfect and we advise that readers use our cost data as a starting point for their own research. Reference points for your procurement.

Making decisions in business is already tough, with plenty of different aspects to take care of, from marketing to HR and sales. We want to put your mind to rest so you can get the best fit for your company and help you save on your bottom line.

Leadership Team

Jason Brown – CEO & Founder

A commercial veteran with 3 decades of experience spanning sales & marketing for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Jason founded ApprovedCosts to help business owners understand how much products & services can cost them.

The publication was born out of an opportunity Jason spotted when he was looking for price guides online, he got tired of having to call each vendor and request pricing.

Jason holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with a concentration in marketing.

In his spare time, he is an avid hiker and cyclist, a lover of the great outdoors.

Mike Walker – Writer & Procurement Expert

Mike is a career procurement expert, he has spent just over 26 years working with various businesses all over the US helping them understand industry pricing and benchmarks. He has astonishing attention to detail and this reflects in the cost guides he writes.

Our Services

Our readers who are generally small business owners do not pay a penny for the guides they read on our site, it’s 100% free and we plan to keep it this way forever. Starting and running a business is tough enough and finding the right pricing should be fast and convenient.


We have built out our network of businesses in the US for many years, this ranges from office coffee vendors to excavator rental companies. Once you request quotes, our sales team will identify the best solution for your business and recommend up to 3 products/services.


If your a business vendor and are looking to grow your prospects each month, we can help. Simply fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will be in touch with as soon as possible.