Bulldozer Rental Cost: 2023 Lease Prices & Hire Rates

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A bulldozer, or dozer as it’s commonly known, is probably one of the most versatile heavy equipment items you can use in construction work. But, it’s rare to use one every day, except on large earthmoving projects 

So, renting a bulldozer over buying one is probably a sound piece of advice, especially as a 40HP model might only cost around $300 per day or $3000 per month. 

In this guide, we look at the prices you can expect to pay when you decide to rent bulldozers. This way, you have more useful information when planning the project for your customer.  

Most bulldozer rental prices are quite reasonable, and you can easily incorporate them into your overall price schedule. For example, a typical lowend dozer with a power rating of 40HP costs on average around $275 per day, while a midrange 150HP model costs around $350. However, at the top-end, the average cost to rent a bulldozer might be around $1000 per day or more, depending on the power rating, age, accessories, and the supplier. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bulldozer?

We have suggested that the price of a small bulldozer might be around $275. But, that is for the basic model. Additionally, you must also consider the many factors that change the rental rates. These factors make it difficult to compare them like-for-like.  

In practice, manufacturers supply various models suitable for different types of work and environment, which significantly varies the price. Furthermore, bulldozer rental rates also depend on a certain models popularity among the contractors in your area. 

Below we have put together a comparison table of different average dozer hire prices. 

Model Power RatingDaily Rental RateWeekly Rental RateMonthly Rental Rate
40 HP$275$1,100$3,300
80 HP$325$1,300$3,800
90 HP$390$1,400$4,400
105 HP$300$1,400$3,600
150 HP$360$1,500$4,500
175 HP$390$1,600$4,750
200 HP$425$1,700$5,700
330 HP$950$3,800$11,800

The table above is an estimated pricing guide, and you should take it as an indication only. For an accurate price and the latest discount deals, you can request a quote from us today. 

Bulldozer Rental Price Factors 

Bulldozer rental costs vary with many different factors. As you might expect, the daily, weekly, and monthly rates are shown in the table highlight the discounts you receive for a long term rental compared to a short term contract. Rental prices drop, mainly because expenses such as cleaning, repairs and maintenance, and transport costs drop significantly when the equipment doesn’t get returned at the end of every day. And of course, the equipment is on-hire, earning its keep rather than in storage.   

Let’s look at some of the other important factors that affect your dozer’s rental cost. 

Lease and rental periods  

There is a difference between leasing and renting, which you probably already know. Leasing is for long term contracts while renting is for a short term. Lease contracts usually run from 3 to 5 years, after which you often have a choice to buy the item or upgrade to a newer model. The lessor takes responsibility for repairs and maintenance while the lessee keeps the item clean and in good condition. But, credit checks and paperwork take time to complete, so you might not take possession of the dozer for a few weeks. 

In comparison, a rental contract gives you full access to the equipment right away, or usually at least within a couple of days. The rental company delivers to the site and deals with repairs and maintenance. Rentals are for shorter periods and are much more flexible with how long the hire period lasts. If you finish a job ahead of schedule, the rental company won’t normally penalize you financially. In fact, you can usually phone the company and take it off-hire there and then. 

Maintenance of heavy equipment 

Maintenance of equipment like dozers needs qualified mechanics able to work on these specialized vehicles. Although a large company using many pieces of construction plant might have a full-time mechanic on standby, the average construction company won’t. So, in this case, hiring a bulldozer is a far better option compared to purchase. The rental company has tradesmen experienced in the maintenance of these items. And, they know the idiosyncrasies of each one. 

Logistics & location 

People usually transport machines like bulldozers using specially designed trucks. So, it’s unlikely you can carry it yourself. The rental company charges you for transportation costs associated with the equipment. These costs depend on the trucks size, which in turn depends on the size and model of the dozer. 

The company also charges you for the distance traveled between the store and site. Typical transportation costs for a bulldozer using a low loader costs around $150 per hour and can total up to $1000, depending on the distance.  

Many rental companies include in the rental cost the transport of equipment up to a specific local distance. Any extra miles over and above the local limit add a charge on top of the basic price. 

Machine condition 

An older bulldozer costs less to rent than a new one. Usually, its condition depends on the number of hours of service the dozer has seen. Irrespective of its age, each machine leaves the rental company’s workshop in good condition at the start of each new contract. However, to rent a bulldozer with more hours on its clock might give you a cheaper rental, but it won’t look as pretty as newer ones. 

The dozer’s make, model, and power rating are also important factors that affect the cost. Furthermore, the rental company can charge more or less money than other suppliers, depending on the company policy and the popularity of a certain model dozer. 


Older dozers move earth from one place to another and rely on the operator’s skill to provide good quality slope grading. However, with modern equipment, it’s possible to track grading and other dozer operations using GPS and on-board computer technology. Suppose a project needs many items of heavy plant. In that case, the project manager can oversee all the machines on the project from a conveniently placed site office. And, see readouts from each dozer’s on-board computer. 

Your project might include earthmoving or grading in dangerous situations such as on steep slopes, near deep excavations, or in hazardous environments. To cope with these conditions and provide better health and safety for your operative, you can choose to use a remote control dozer. The operator is then at a safe distance away from the machine, often in a dustproof, air-conditioned container.  

Advanced technology also results in better fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions. You also benefit from an ergonomically designed cab, with better soundproofing and more comfort. 

Added technology costs from $20 to $50 per hour extra depending on its sophistication.  

Advantages of Renting a Bulldozer 

Renting a bulldozer, rather than buying, allows you to use equipment that you might otherwise not be able to afford to purchase outright. You can also use the item for a limited time with none of the problems associated with maintenance. If the machine won’t start, the rental company sends out a guy to fix it or brings another dozer to take its place. Often within hours. 

There aren’t any long term commitments, and the rental company delivers to and from the worksite. Additionally, you can pay for the rental however you want, whether its cash, check, or credit card. And, unlike leasing a bulldozer, which usually needs contractural payments direct from your bank account,  the transaction won’t affect your credit rating. 

Disadvantages of renting 

Renting isn’t always the best way to acquire the equipment. There are some disadvantages too. 

  • You have to take what the rental company has in stock. Someone else might be using the modern dozer with GPS, and you have to take the old-fashioned workhorse. 
  • You might not be able to rent the equipment longer than you initially agreed.  
  • Typically, rental equipment needs to be covered by insurance when on-site. You must pay this up-front. And pay any fees if you seriously damage the dozer.

There are also some advantages if you decide to buy rather than rent a bulldozer. 

  • Purchasing equipment attracts tax deductions and depreciation based on the original purchase price. 
  • Short and long term rental usually turns out to be more expensive than purchase. 
  • You can choose the equipment you need rather than take what’s available from the rental store.  

Difference between bulldozer leasing and rental 

When leasing a piece of equipment, you normally have to commit to a period of 2 or more years. You must continue with the monthly payments even if the machine is laid up in your yard. In contrast, with a rental, you return the dozer when it’s not needed and end the contract until you want it again. 

Since 2018, leased equipment can appear on your balance sheet and depreciate over the period of the lease, unlike rentals. So, for tax purposes, a lease is treated the same as a financed or purchased machine. But, always consult your tax advisor before making decisions like this, as they know the most up-to-date rules for your situation. 

Who owns the bulldozer at the end of a lease term? 

The answer to this question depends on your contract with the leasing company.  

Often leasing companies can sell cars and other commonly sought machines for a considerable profit at the end of the lease term. However, this isn’t the case for specialized pieces of equipment such as a bulldozer. So, the lease cost is relatively higher than other types of machines. Furthermore, at the end of the lease term, the company usually offers a favorable deal encouraging you to buy the dozer rather than hand it back.   


Leasing or renting a bulldozer is a good way to benefit from the machine without using up your business capital and paying large up-front fees.  

Renting is the perfect way to use a dozer in the short term. At the same time, leasing is the way forward for a longer-term arrangement, with the bonus of buying at a reduced cost at the end of the lease term.  

If your project needs a bulldozer and you don’t want to buy one, get in touch with us. First, we can look at our range of equipment and choose something that does the job. And then, we can offer you attractive bulldozer rental rates that won’t break the bank.

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